These family photos in Snowmass make me super happy, because it’s pretty fun to see your clients’ families grow, and it’s so rewarding to reconnect with them after a number of years.

I first met Joanna and Jason in 2008, when I was shooting a wedding out in the wine country in California. I flew in to San Francisco, shot the wedding, and then met up with Joanna and Jason the next day for their engagement photos. We had a marathon afternoon in vineyards and abandoned barns, and the headed back to the city for a trip to Fort Point and then to Baker Beach beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. After they had a water fight in the surf, we continued to the urban neighborhoods of the city, and then concluded the session.

I flew back to Colorado knowing their wedding in Santa Barbara, where I grew up, was going to be even more fun. Of course, it did not disappoint! Joanna and Jason were game for anything and everything, which made their engagement session and wedding so much fun.

Fast forward many years. We had been in touch on Facebook now and again, and I’d seen some lovely photos of their new baby. But it was a great surprise to find out they were going on a family trip to Snowmass and wanted a family session.

We met up for the session, shot at some gorgeous location all over Snowmass, and then had a wonderful dinner together catching up.

Cheers to you guys! Can’t wait to do it again!

Here are some favorites from the afternoon.

Family photo at a lake near Snowmass A father plays with his son in the air near Aspen An infant on a blanket at sunset near Aspen, CO A family photo of a mother an son near Aspen, CO A dad and his son at sunset in Snowmass Three generations of family members pose for a family portrait near Snowmass A grandpa and his grandson on a fence near Snowmass A mom and her child on a hay bale on the Western Slope of CO A family on a hay bale near Snowmass A family and their young child at the Snowmass Golf Course A grandfather and his new grandson in Snowmass A young family plays with their new son A couple and their child in a field at the turnoff to Snowmass