Headshots and Business Portraits

Despite focusing on family portraits, we also offer headshots and environmental portraits for companies, executives, authors, doctors, lawyers, actors, and anyone else. The headshots are basic head and shoulders portraits on an constant background, while the environmental portraits are more complex shots with varying lighting, locations and poses.

A minimum of two headshots or portraits is required to shoot at your home or office. Otherwise, a single person is more than welcome to visit the home studio in Estes Park.

Business environmental portrait in Estes Park

Environmental Portraits

Environmental portrait are great for professionals are are looking for a more striking and unique image for magazine articles, brochures, or other advertising uses. These photos feature more complex lighting with varied backgrounds.

The environmental portrait package includes a number different shots, which can include a standard head & shoulders photo as well as 3/4 or full body images. You can opt for different locations, expressions and poses. These can be indoors at your office, or outdoors in and around Estes Park or Rocky Mountain National Park.

To shoot on location, there is a minimum of two portraits. Basic retouching (teeth whitening, skin smoothing) is included at no charge

  • 1st 2 Portraits: $250/person
  • Next 2 Portraits: $175/person
  • Additional Portraits: $125/person
Estes Park Business Headshot

Corporate Headshots

When you want a similar photo of everyone in your business, choose the corporate headshot. These are perfect for web sites and advertisements where you’re looking for consistency.

These feature a constant white, black, gray or colored background, and are shot tight to include just head and shoulders. If you don’t specify a color, we’ll shoot it against a white backdrop to create a clean and striking visual.

There’s a minimum in Estes Park of three headshots in order to shoot at your office or business location.

We’ll smooth skin and whiten teeth as necessary, with extra retouching available for a fee.

  • 1st 3 Portraits: $150/person
  • Next 3 Portraits: $125/person
  • Additional Portraits: $100/person

Extra Servies

Advanced retouching of 1 photo: $30/first image and $20/each additional image
Same day delivery: About $300 depending on number of portraits

Level Up!

Bring your business to the next level with new headshots for all your advertising needs. Build client trust and increase your sales with a new, fresh look.

Super fast delivery

You can get retouched images the same day


Efficient Shooting

Budget as little as 5 minutes per person for corporate headshots.


Coaching When Needed

We will coach you to look your very best. No stress, no worries.

Estes Park Local

Living and shooting full time in Estes Park since 2006

Questions and Answers

How much time do I budget?

You can budget about 5 to 10 minutes per person for a standard corporate headshot on a constant background. Lighting and backdrop will be set up and tested while your employees are still working, and then they can just shuffle through to keep things efficient. The environmental portraits should take about 10 to 30 minutes per person, depending on complexity.

What happens after the session?
All the photos will be sorted and the studio will select about five favorites for each person. We will perform a basic level of retouching on each image, which covers skin blemishes. Additional retouching such as braces removal is billed separately. All retouched images will be uploaded to an online gallery, and you can then download the high res files.
Do you charge any travel fees?
There are no travel fees for headshot and portrait sessions anywhere in Estes Park, but there is a two person minimum to shoot on location in town. There are also no travel fees for sessions in the Colorado Front Range, but there is a 5 person minimum for standard headshots and a 3 person minimum for the more complex environmental portraits.

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